Thursday, February 05, 2009

Forget Global Warming: Let's do something tangible, right here and NOW, to secure a bright future for our children

I've had another thought about the current proposed economic stimulus package. Instead of spending one single penny on "global warming research," let's put seat belts in our children's public school buses. I am sure that the $450 million allocated for global warming research will more than cover the bill for equipping our nation's school buses with seat belts.

How can we even worry about an abstract, highly controversial, and future problem like global warming when we are sending our kids out, right now and on a daily basis, on these school buses without seat belts?! Death or injury by bus accident seems a much more statistically probable concern than global warming. The comparison would almost be laughable, if it weren't so appalling.

States have laws requiring parents to have seat belts on children under 12. Some states even require car seats up to 70 lbs. now, but these same states allow school buses to operate without seat belts? What are our lawmakers and politicians thinking? They aren't! And where are the parents whose children ride on these buses? Even if a child walks to school, they may ride on school buses for field trips and other events. Why aren't parents up in arms about this very real and potential hazard to their children?

Let's do something tangible, right here and now, to secure a bright future for our children:
let's put seat belts in our nation's school buses.

Now, I'm not saying let's totally dismiss global warming. I am saying let's put things into perspective. Let's tackle a REAL problem -- one that we have some immediate control over -- that can do some good, right here and now, for our children. And bonus: tackling this problem can create real jobs to stimulate the economy at the same time.

I just haven't jumped on the "Al Gore global warming" bandwagon. Contrary to popular opinion -- which is not hard core science -- there are many many individuals and scientist who are not on board with the "Al Gore theory on global warming." I am not convinced that global warming is anything that we, as mere humans, can truly control, or that our contribution to global warming is a factor that will significantly speed up, or impact, a process which has scientifically been proven to have occurred many times in the history of our planet, when humans were not a significant contributing factor.

Let's do the objective research -- empahsis on OBEJTIVE -- but let's tone down the cost of doing the research. With this approach, we can address more immediate and pressing issues like the safety of our children and the pitiful state of our nation's economy.

For more enlightened info on the truth about global warming and how it is being played check this out:

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