Sunday, February 07, 2010

A beautiful mind ... A beautiful person ...

... Peyton Manning ...

You'd think that I'd be footballed out by now, right?  And that would probably be the case, but my man Peyton Manning is leading his Colts into Super Bowl XLIV against the New Orleans, Saints today.  I've always loved Peyton from way back in his college days at the University of Tennesse.

And this must be why? 
A beautiful mind: Colts’ Manning

"{ “I’m not certain I have any unusual way of describing it, but there is a term … hypermnesia, and he does have (it),” Caldwell said of a term that is the opposite of amnesia. “He has the ability to remember almost everything he sees and hears.

He not only can take that information in, but he can also (repeat) it, and he can utilize it. You’ll find a lot of people can take in volumes of information, but their comprehension, maybe they get some, maybe they don’t. But being able to apply it when you need it, and he can do all of those things in the heat of the battle, under pressure, with the game on the line.

“That’s what makes him so very unusual."

And so very productive.}"

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Anyway ... Go Colts!  Go Peyton!  Your rock and I'll be watching the game and rooting for you and your Colts.  God Bless!


Zombie Cheerleader, Halloween 2009

After math of a tragedy? ...

Oh well ... another one bites the dust?! Guess Colts have a recent Super Bowl win under the belts. Nice to see an underdog win, right? New Orleans is my favorite city, in the U.S., to vacation. So I guess, I'm happy for them. Know my parents (visiting relatives in Lafayette) and all my aunts, uncles and cousins down there must be ecstatic. Always next year, Peyton. Chin up!

Liked the 'Who' for the half-time show. Go with the tried and true, I always say ... well for big national PR moments anyway. Commercials well, the 'spineless guy' commercial was pretty funny. I probably liked that one the best. Was surprised to see Lance Armstrong doing a commercial for beer, given his recent struggle with cancer? Got really tired of the lame chickens ... free Grand Slam (heart attack for breakfast) or not. Was happy to see that I'm in fashion, as my favorite sweater was featured on the NCIS commercial. Don't have the skirt and boots though. My next purchase? And Tebow's commercial (story) did not air after all? Guess FCC decided that his story did fall within the realm of controversial? [2/9/10 ... Nope.  I stand corrected.  Tebow's commercial did air.  I must have just missed it.  The brilliant minds at NOW are claiming that the add "promotes violence against women"?  Because, Tim Tebow playfully tackles his mom at the end of the commercial?  NOW spokepersons are not upset that the commercial  is "anti-abortion" (as one might expect) though?  Talk about your planet spinning off axis?!  The things that make the world go round ... ]

And once again, Ken and I were on different pages ... he rooted for the Saints and me for the Colts. Last game was Ken rooting for University of Alabama against my University of Texas ... even though, I faithfully rooted for his dang Gators all season long. Hmmm, telling of where our relationship is heading? Or an opportunity to kiss and make up? Time will tell ... meanwhile, I'm making Ken cook dinner even though his team won. I'm too bummed : (    How much Ken complains ... and how enticing his meal turn outs ... will decide the outcome of the latter.  ; )  ... 

(Dinner was chicken linguini in a sundried tomato and pesto sauce ... knew there was a reason that I married this guy. : )

P.S.  As for Manning walking off the field without congratulating the Saints ... well, I would have liked to have seen him congratulate the other team, but I guess I can understand.  Here's another point of view:  Shutdown Corner: A Sports Blog, By Chris Chase

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