Thursday, February 04, 2010

All the Rage?

All the rage on Facebook seems to be about ... the Wikipedia wanna be of dictionaries.  I'll have to admit I was skeptical at first, but it does prove to be mildly amusing ... even entertaining if you're bored, or need a break and have nothing else to do.  Guess, I'm a bit behind the times?  They've been around for 10 years now and this is the first I've heard of them.  I need to get out more?!

Anyway, last night after returning home from the grocery store (one of my absolute least fav things to do), I decided to unwind with a glass of wine and ''.  I browsed through their 'word of the day' postings for the past month or so and I must admit: I did find myself laughing on more than one occasion.  Giving someone 'the time' now has a whole new meaning for me ... I'll be careful how I use that expression in the future!

I wonder if anyone has actually ever taken a 'Febreeze Shower'?  Nearly gave my monitor a wine shower upon reading that one.  I could easily see my brother and his buddies doing this in their college, hockey playing days.  I also liked the terms: airplane mode, short story long, hyphenated and movie-gating.  If you're curious:  Look 'em up.  ; )

What's in a name? Most people seem to use the Urban Dictionary to find out the urban meaning of their name.   And yes, ... I did inevitably input my own name and found to my surprise that the definitions ... for the most part ... were'nt far off:

Michelle  ... meaning "one who is close to God"


Renee ... meaning "rebirth" or "renaisannce"

Even my alias name (for Facebook) rang somwhat true ...

Once again my motto holds true:  "Never Say Never!"  I'm on Facebook (under an alias of course) ... I've used ... and the list goes on and on ...

By the way, here's the definition given for their site:

Urban Dictionary
Dec. 9, 2009 (their 10th Anniversary)

"A site where users attempt to mock and explain everyone and thing in life, under the guise of cynical quasi-intellectualism.

It should be both noted and ignored, embraced and dismissed, laughed at and revered.

Urban Dictionary shows us we're all just a type, no matter how hard we try to escape or deny it.

by Nobody0000  "

And today's word of the day is:

February 4, 2010

"To look up your own name on Urban Dictionary, either for definition or myspace useage.

Me and Rianna went on Urbaning last night, her name means a xxxxxxx. Lets put it on myspace.

by aarongance"

So bottom line:  you may want to check this site out ... to see what all the hype is about if nothing else.  Then you'll be in the know when your friends speak of the Urban Dictionary

Enough fun: Time to get  back to writing!  Happy day to you!  Peace out.


P.S. Guess it's also celebrity doppelganger week on Facebook.  I posted Kate Hudson as my profile picture.  Today I received fan mail in my inbox.  Too funny!  Should I let them down nicely or play along for awhile ; )

3/1/2010 Not bad for a Monday ... saw this today ... best post ... sweetest definition that I've seen for my name so far:  ... definition #22 as of today.  God Bless whoever wrote that ... needed to read something like today.

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