Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Play on WORDS ...

'Play on Words'

Play on words?  Play with words? Working with words can be fun, sometimes when you hit a wall though: it’s just plain W-O-R-K. It’s almost 2 a.m. and I need a break from writing the novel! So thought I’d have some fun with words. I’ve seen some of these before … expanded upon the idea to create the rest.

Here’s how it works …
Example: S D R O W => words in reverse or “backwards”

If you need to do some mind calisthenics, need a break or just want to have some FUN … see how you do … Answers at the end.

[Let me know if I made any mistakes ... it's LATE now ... I'll double check tomorrow after some sleep.]


P.S.  Feel free to share with your friends ... I don't care ... these are in jpeg file format.  Hah!  Had an interesting suggestion for the word "play" used in a number 4 configuration.  Good play, but I think I'll leave that one off for now.  ; )

Busy day ... just got to rechecking this.  See that I got order reversed on LIFE and DEATH.  No one else caught this?  Will fix and repost.  Thanks!  : ) => Fixed.

ANSWERS 1: Sandbox; Split-level; Mind over Matter;

Downtown; Circles under eyes; I Understand;

See through Blouse; 6 ft. under ground; Long underwear.

ANSWERS 2: Highchair; Backward Glance; pair of Dice;

Just Between You and Me; Neon Lights; Life After Death;

He’s Beside Himself; Tricycle; Touchdown.

ANSWERS 3: Crossroads; 3 Degrees Below Zero; Low Profile;

Calm Before Storm; G.I.’s overseas; Reincarnation;

Underground Railroad; Recycle; Out of Touch.

Song: 'People Just Love to Play With Words', By Men at Work

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