Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Wolfman" the movie ... My review


I find myself writing this 'review' while MUCH in need of coffee! So please, bear with me.

The moon has always held a special place in my heart, especially the full moon.  So, I suppose it's no surprise that I would be drawn to this movie:  "Wolfman."   I happened to view this movie  last night and it was awesome!  I absolutely loved it!  Once again, I would have to say the critics are dead wrong in their categorical dislike of this film.  Perhaps the critics missed the whole point of the movie? This movie was supposed to be a tribute to the original horror films of old, written and set in that genre. And, personally, I happen to think the producers and directors were spot on in their homage to horror films of days gone by.  "Wolfman" was a great movie not only on the surface, but deep down in between the dark lines as well.

The scenery in the movie, the sets and costumes, all captured the quintessential air of the late 1800's time period. The off balance slightly disheveled manor home of Sir John made you immediately feel the uneasiness about the place, lending credence to the notion that something was not quite right. The nighttime forest scenes with hints of lingering fog, splintered moonlight, and crackling tree branches had you right on the edge of your seat. The musical score was intense and riveting as well.  Now, I'm not big on gore, but I guess it would be hard to have a believable wolfman movie without some gore, no? Let's just say, I did a lot of eye-closing during the gorey scene flashes, that coupled with a lot of digging into poor Ken's arm. ; )

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I thought that the characters were well cast and played; they were very believable. Love Anthony Hopkins; he's so versatile. Benicio Del Toro, as Lawrence, did an amazing job conveying a range of emotions in his character. I don't think I have ever seen  Emily Blunt (who played Gwen ... Del Toro's love) before, but she did a wonderful job portraying a woman of those times, with a passionate heart, who wasn't going to let propriety dictate her role in the events unfolding around her.  I was surprised to see Hugo Weaving (Cop from the Matrix) as the Scotland Yard detective investigating the murders, but he did a great job bringing his character to life.

I especially liked the love story between Lawrence and Gwen. That Lawrence and Gwen could be in love after only such a brief meeting, under such dire circumstances, and with just one magical kiss ... that true love could see beyond the beast ... won't say anymore or I'll ruin the end for you ... but, wow?!  I loved the end on multiple levels.  And yes, I had tears in my eyes in the end. Does that make me a hopeless romantic? No, probably just hopeless ...

Anyway, bottom line: if you like the dark movies of old, do yourself a favor and don't skip this one just because the almighty critics say so; they're dead wrong on this one!

Best Movie Trailer I've Seen ...

Plot Summary 

"The Wolf Man"   1941 Movie, wasn't the first but it gave us most of the legend we now accept today ...

P.S.  Race car driving before the movie was a BLAST too!  And no, I did not break anything.  I did not wipe out, nor did I run anyone off the track ... least, I don't think I did?  FUN times!  : )  Quirky way to celebrate the always dreaded Valentine's Day.

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