Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to move on ...

Okay ... this has been fun, but it's taking up way too much time.  Time to move on.  Hope I've provided you with some mild amusement and a brief distraction from the demands of everyday life.  Here are Mike's word plays and one last attempt at being artistic (not?) by me.

Mike's Creations (answers below ...)

Know this seems to be true in my life at times ... not bad for less than 10 min.'s of work?

Answers for Mike's Creations:

up, up and away
stairway to heaven
(italics) ‘italian’ sausage - okay it's a stretch, but fun
leaning tower of pisa
total ellipsis of the heart
come as you are - nirvana
40 yard dash
left behind
the glory path
singing in the rain
once upon a time in america
that’s a bold statement
little miss sunshine
always on my mind
eternal love
music box
wind beneath my wings
going long
thin lizzy
here’s looking at you
I'm melting
pieces of me
snap out of it
blade runner
nobody puts baby in the corner
the long and winding road
the empire strikes back - (had to do it, being the sequel to aaron's puzzles)
stand in the place where you live
pumped up

Thanks Mike!  You and Aaron are the best!  : )

Song: 'Wipeout!', By the Surfaris

'Blade Runner (Theme)', Complete Movie Soundtracks

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