Monday, February 15, 2010

BLOGGER Go-Round ...

It's been fun ... and funny ... to watch my blog bounce around the blogsphere ... here on blogger. I have to admire Blogger for their dedication to grouping blogs of a similar theme near one another. Since my blog has no ONE driving theme, however ... (other than clearing my head ... which needs to be dumped periodically, or I'd surely suffer a mind-meltdown : ) ::   I have been ALL OVER the place and BACK AGAIN.

For a time this summer, I was put in with the 'writers and poets.'  Summer was a difficult time for me and I began reading and writing lots of poetry in an effort to stay sane, I guess.  Then in the Fall, I was bumped in with a really cool group of artists ... which I didn't quite feel that I deserved.   I had begun jewelry making over the summer (again a sanity saving measure ; ).  I had also discovered a wonderful art site and began exploring art and art history of the pre-raphaelites.  I shared many of my favorite paintings and made lots of art posts.  And now that I think a bit more on it, I do seem to recall a few photography posts intermixed in there as well.  So perhaps my brief stint in the art category was justified.  Was fun while it lasted!

Around Thanksgiving and early Christmas, I was moved into the neighborhood with some pretty intense musicians and rappers ... from all of my music posts ... songs ... references to and songs by Jimi Hendrix, a write-up on a favorite opera ... I guess? 

Most recently, I seem to have been lumped in with bloggers writing with a  religious theme ... I'm okay with that, I guess? ... The religious thing ... hmmm?  Well, I do consider myself to be a pretty spiritual person?  I spend a fair amount of time listening to God, the Creator, and praying for the needs of others.  Just don't enjoy being judged by the pious.

And if anyone has bothered to read between lines here in my blog, you'd find a black and white movie, a Greek tragedy perhaps? ... or at the very least the beginnings of an intriguing opera?  Yes, I've always been more than what I choose to share with others on the surface ...  I'm an insomniac too, so I log on here at all kinds of strange hours and write ... often with many typos, missing words, etc. ... prolonged lack of sleep can have that effect on you ... what can I say? ... re-editing is what we writers (in the home stretch of finishing off my first novel) do best anyway, no?

One place that I haven't visited yet is the 'diet crowd' ... which seems strange to me, given all my references to stomach problems and not being able to eat ... fasting?  Guess there is a subtle difference between not being able to eat and trying to eat healthier.

Oh well, guess I can't complain?  It's been a fun ride thus far!  : )  Thanks again, Blogger, for your dedication! You guys truly ROCK!  I love having my blog to vent, clear my head and express myself.  And it is neat that, occassionally, I am able to make a small difference in someone else's life.

Look forward to seeing where I'll wind up next ... on the BLOGGER ride ....  ; )


Song: 'On A Carousel', By the Hollies

P.S. Post on government & politics coming next ... finally found time to finish up my research on E.O.s  ... Have to hold on tightly for that post or I might just get thrown off this ride?!  ; )

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