Monday, February 22, 2010

Visionaries ... Art parallels life

This X-ray image from NASA 6 months ago ...

Supernova Remnant E0102-72
September 5, 2009

[Credit: X-ray - NASA / CXC / MIT / D.Dewey et al., NASA / CXC / SAO / J.DePasquale; Optical - NASA / STScI ... read more .]

And this from an artist and visionary 107 years ago ...

'The Sower of Systems', 1902 By, George Frederic Watts
(image courtesy of

The similarity between these two images is truly striking to me.  This similarity, hundreds of years apart is not totally unexpected; rather it is awe inspiring.  Also gives me a reason to believe my hope, "that perhaps we are here for some greater reason, a reason with a grander purpose and design", is not entirely unfounded.  Perhaps in finding connections like these, maybe I'm one step closer to figuring out just what my purpose in this grand design might be.

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