Monday, March 01, 2010

What Makes the World Go Round?

I need a serious embracing reality check ... (among other things) ... so help me out here.  I posted this on my Facebook 'status' awhile ago ...

"Isabelle Bxxxx Sxxxxx. ...   Is wondering what makes the world go round?"

So far, the only response I've gotten is "Too deep for a Monday?!"

Yes, the people in my Facebook reality just aren't very deep, I guess ... on a Monday anyway.  But seriously, I often ponder this notion.  Am I that unique in this respect?  Don't normal, everyday people ever think on this? 

If you have ever pondered this notion ... or just find the idea intriguing, please share! ... I could really use some outside insight today ... And I don't think that there are any wrong answers ... just different perspectives ... which is what I need right now ... a different perspective ...

Is it money ... greed ... power ...  politics ... religion ... love (too cliche?) ... unwavering belief in an assumed reality ... a higher power ... all of the above?   .... You tell me (anonomously if you want) ...

... So far (via Facebook) I've gotten:  1) "Coffee and Chocolate" ... lots of chocolate! ; 2) "Supposed to be love, but it feels like money."; 3) 'Archer' TV show; and 4) pragmatically speaking ... "Isn't it gravity?".

I personally think ... today anyway ... that it is an unwavering belief in an assumed reality.  Ask me again tomorrow ... 

Q2:  Anyone have a song that makes the world go round?

Song:  'With a Little Help From My Friends', By Ringo Starr ... Live on Tour

Late p.m. .... seems my 'question' has now evolved into a contest of sorts ... I'm now on the line for $10.00 gift card for the best submission.  Hmmmm ... maybe money does make the world go round after all?  ; )  What the heck ... I'm game ... if it gets people thinking, I'll fork over the money.

So far the best entry is from my eldest daughter: "Pursuit of perfection makes the world go round."  But she's helping me judge, so her entry doesn't count.  Still, it's the best I've received so far ... contest ends tomorrow at 5 p.m.


And the winner is .... DRUM ROLL please:  "Isn't it supposed to be love? But it feels like money right now." ... well done Kristen.  Your Starbucks gift card is on its way. 

Honorable mentions go to: "You'd probably need a pencil, paper and a lot of time for the answer that you're looking for ... but isn't the answer really like just gravity?" ~submitted by Rhett

and "The Earth is just one big giant hamster ball, with a  giant guinea pig running really really fast at the center.  Run guinea pig, run!" ~submitted by Angela

My daughter Lauren, now 12, was the judge ... she said that Kristen's answer says it best and that Rhett's was the most logical.  Angela's was the funniest ... and well God? ... she says "God is just too obvious." ... she gets that from her dad.

Thanks for playing for you all!  FUN! And nice to know that I do indeed have 'deep' friends after all.  ; )

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