Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Clouds Up Here Are ALIVE Today!

It is a gorgeous day outside today ... the clouds are dancing joyfully in the vivid blue sky ... truly amazing to behold ... inspirational ...

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More of my cloud photos from today on my Flickr page:

Remember the game you played when you were a kid (or still play in my case : ) ... What do you see in the clouds?  Well, I found a baby whale today ...

'Baby Whale'  : ) .... (E.J. says ... "It looks just like a Beluga Whale.")
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Don't really have time to be writing right now, but I wanted to make an upbeat post in honor of Easter, this upcoming Sunday.  I am going in for surgery on Friday, April 2nd ... so I won't be able to write again until after Easter, and I didn't want my last post to be my cemetery photos. 

'And I will raise Him up, on the last day (third day) ...'
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So Happy (early) Easter, one and all! 

May the joy of the Creator's Love, in His willingness to sacrifice His Son for our redemption, fill your heart and inspire you to share your light with others.  Peace, blessings ... and much love heading your way.  : )


'Easter Joy' ... photo by me 3_31_2010
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