Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What affects the world going round?

Guess I wasn't far off yesterday when I asked the philosophical question: "What makes the world go round?"

Today the question being explored by scientists is "What affects the world going round?"

Apparently, the earthquake in Chilie was so strong (7th largest in recorded history) that it shifted the Earth's figure axis (not N-S spinning axis, on which Earth rotates, but rather the axis about which Earth's center of mass is balanced).  This in turn may have actually shortened our Earth day by 1.26 milliseconds ... which may not seem a whole heck of a lot, but is nonetheless significant.

One more thing for us to stress about?  A shorter day?  As if 24 hours was ever enough ... now we have 1.26 milliseconds less?  Well, I have faith in humanity's ability to adapt ... somehow, I think that we will all find a way to manage.

God Bless the people of Chile as they struggle to cope with loss of loved ones and the aftermath of surviving and recovering from this natural disaster. 

Peace ... which my middle daughter says makes the world go round ... to you ... 


P.S. Lunchtime .... So here's my next thought ... given that we just had a large quake recently in Haiti ... now a massive quake in Chile ... is it not probable that there could, in fact, be another massive quake ... possibly on the opposite of the globe such that the Earth's CM would be readjusted and hence the rate of spin reset? Is that an upside? Probably not ... Then again, there's always meteor impact and antripital focusing effects ... I hear 'Twilight Zone' music playing in the background now ; ) ... Bottom line:  it's probably best not to sweat the small stuff 'Nature' (the Creator) knows what she's doing.

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