Friday, March 12, 2010

Looking for a USAF JAG Classmate ...

Heard a fighter jet streak by today and I wondered how you were doing these days?  Much better I hope. 

I have continued to pray for you since you posted your comment.  I feel as if good things and a sense of peace have come your way since you last wrote.  Will continue to keep you in my prayers though. God's continued peace, light, and abundant blessings to you.


P.S. Even though you may not see this message, per se ... I have faith that the universe will deliver my good intentions to you.  : )  ... Still trying to find a song to post for you ... if you happen to read this ... focus on a song or artist for me and let's how close I get ...  ; )

This is what I get from an initial reading ... just about you in general ...

Song:  "Kashmir", By Led Zeppelin ... from the album "Mothership"

I'll keep listening to see if I 'hear' anything else ...

3/15/2010 ... okay, don't know if this is you, but this song popped into my head ... out of nowhere ... this morning, while having my morning cup of killer tea (coffee substitute : ) ... and I can't seem to get it out of my head.  I had to go onto Amazon and buy this, because I don't have it, but here it is ... too noisy right now to discern if it is you ... I'll let you know ... tomorrow after some quiet time alone tonight.

Song:  "Straight From the Heart", By Bryan Adams

Nope ... this wasn't you ... but someone was sending me this song?  I am still getting a metal vibe from you ... is that right?

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