Saturday, February 13, 2010

Permeance ...

New word listing in

1. permeance

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noun - the conducting power Facebook 'friend' lists to become intermingled, despite list owners never having actually met in most instances; the recipricol (inverse) of making flesh and blood acquaintances in the real world.

Related forms:

noun - permeation
adjective - permeative
noun - permeator
verb - permeate

Wow?! The permeance in my Facebook reality is unreal.

I wish it was as easy to permeate in the real world as it is in Facebook.

Randall, you've got 639 Facebook 'friends'? Dude, you're like the ulitmate permeator.

porous penetrable permeation permeative permeate

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P.S.  I'm not knocking Facebook with this definition; it just seems to ring true?! Hey, I even have 2 friends on my own list whom I've never met ... one, is the wife of my cousin and the other is a friend of my cousin. So I see how one can easily come to have many friends they've never met. I also have my marital status unset ... part of my alias and being ambiguous. That has gotten me alot of unsolicited friend requests too ... I guess? Haven't accepted many of those though ... because it seems to me that I would be less likely to make any posts (or any forthright ... informative ones) if people that didn't really 'know me' were 'listening' ... but that's just me.

Some people probably like all the attention and feedback that comes with having a huge friends list? Feedback, is highly overrated in my book. I march to the beat of my own drum ... could really care less what others think. So having a huge 'friends list' is not really a big draw for me.  I like hearing from friends, but I don't need their feedback.  I did draw the line at accepting a friend request from a friend of a friend who had 639 (?!!!?) friends on his list. He seems like a crazy fun kind of guy, but an expanded 639 friend audience is hardly compatible with keeping a low profile, no? Felt bad though, cause this guy really seemed like a nice guy, so I used him as an example in my definition.

My main reason for being on Facebook --despite my better judgment (hence the alias)--  is to connect with my family. Now that I live clear across the country, keeping in touch and up to date with the silly little aspects of everyday life occurrences of my family has been difficult. Surprisingly, Facebook has really helped in that respect. I've even connected with long lost cousins, Ken's sister and nieces that I have not spoken to in years. Facebook is definitely a social networking tool! You can really learn a lot about people by what they say, and more specifically (to my way of thinking, anyway) by WHAT THEY DON'T SAY. So for now, I remain logged on to Facebook (via alias), and I would like to sincerely THANK the folks at Facebook for the new and interesting perspective they've given me on the world. :

Song: 'These Arms of Mine', By Otis Redding (Just because! ... Okay and maybe a token nod to St. Valentine's Day?)

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