Monday, January 31, 2011

U.S. Judge, in Pensecola, Florida Rules Healthcare law is Unconstitutional

A U.S. Judge, in Pensecola, Florida has ruled this morning ... in repsonse to a lawsuit filed by the Attorney Generals of 26 U.S. States ... that the Healthcare Reform law as passed by the 111th Congress is unconstitutional.  This is the second U.S. Judge to rule that the law was unconstitutional, but the first judge to rule that the entire law was unconstitutional.  A Virginia judge had previously ruled that the "individual mandate" only was unconstitutional.

In his written ruling, Judge Roger Vinson, stated that the "individual mandate" requiring all individuals to purchase health insuarnce was unconstitutional.  He further stated that because this portion of the law was not "severable from the whole", that the "law in its entirety is therefore void."

This is a huge victory for justice, but unfortunately a final judicial say in the matter will not come until this case and likely dozens of others like it finally make their way up to the U.S. Supreme Court which could take up to 4 years.  In the meantime, while awaiting appeal at the highest level, this Healthcare Reform law will go into effect and begin the socialization of our U.S. Healthcare System.*  Thus, the need to act still remains.  We must stop this law now at the Congressional level.  The time to act is now! 

I urge you to write to your U.S. Senators (you have 2) and urge them to vote against this unconstitutional Healthcare Reform law.  Remind them that they represent you ... us ..."We the people" and that WE want this bad and unconstitutional piece of legislation repealed NOW!  Let them know that we will hold them accountable for their actions.  If they voted for this law under the 111th Congress, now is the chance for them to redeem themselves.  Then urge your senator to take the worthy measures in the law up under separate, constitutional, legislation (e.g., no pre-existing condition clauses, malpractice lawsuit reform, requirement for insurance companies to spend at least 85% of their premium intakes on actual healthcare costs).

Here is the link to locate and write to your U.S. Senator on-line:  write to your U.S. Senator on-line

*The "individual mandate" portion of the Healthcare law will not go into effect until 2014, hence the reason that Judge Vinson did not issue a separate ruling to prevent Congress from enacting other portions of this law.  I guess, that the Judge is relying upon the notion that the appeal in this matter will reach the U.S. Supreme Court level before the "individual mandate" portion of the law goes into effect.

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