Thursday, January 06, 2011

Newsletter Update: "Petition to Repeal Healthcare Reform law" ... Jan. 6, 2011

"January 6th, 2011

Repeal Report

News, notes and updates from Repeal HealthCare Act

TOP STORY »First Repeal Petition Delivery Scheduled

Vowing to obey the will of the people, new Members of the House of Representatives promise a vote to repeal the HealthCare Act on January 12th. Your Repeal It Now campaign has been asked to begin delivery of petitions the day before this historic vote.

“We will be bringing 500,000 petitions to the steps of the Capitol. Our petitions will include the names and hometowns of all of those who have joined our massive petition drive,” said Ken Hoagland, chairman of the campaign to force immediate repeal.

“We anticipate that the mainstream media will dismiss this House vote as merely ‘symbolic’ because of resistance by the Democratic majority in the Senate,” said Hoagland. “Far from it, we will make sure that this vote is not ‘symbolic’ but the first step in our tough battle to make our elected officials actually represent the wishes of their constituents. There are many Senators who will be looking for other work if they ignore the legitimate demand of Americans to repeal it now,” said Hoagland.

News reports may cover the first of many petition deliveries and other grassroots advocacy tactics planned for coming months. “We will keep turning up the heat, degree by degree, until we see this destructive bill -- and insult to our democratic process -- erased from the books,” said Hoagland.

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So this campaign has generated 500, 000 petitions:  Awesome!!
I wonder how many actual signatures that amounts to?  Need to find that information out.

But, way to go Americans!  Nice to see that "We the People" do, in fact, have a voice after all.



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