Friday, January 14, 2011

Apparantly, I'm Not ALL Thumbs? ; )

I've been taking some on-line training on photo editing software.  Only a few 6 minute lessons so far, but today I finally had the courage to try enhancing one of my Infra-red Texas Mission photos.  This is my first attempt at what I call "painting IR" ... hopefully, my images will only improve from here.   There wasn't a lot of foilage in this particular shot ... so not much ethereal white ... except for the grass, which to me looked out of place being all white ... so I shaded some green into the grass.  The remaining white resembles an angel to me.  The presence of which .... angels ... I felt all around this and the other missions.  An army angels waiting to be called where they are most needed.  I think I even saw an actual angel at the Mission San Jose.

(Note:  If you're wondering what Infra-red (or IR) Photography is, see my post from a few days ago ... It explains the basics.)

Anyway, here is what I came up with ...

Original IR image with Red removed.
"Mission Concepcion"

@Copyrighted 2010, Michelle C. of
All Rights Reserved.

A) First Pass Painting.
"Fortress of Angels"

@Copyrighted 2010, Michelle C. of
All Rights Reserved.

B) Second Pass Painting ... Enhance contrast in stonework.
"Fortress of Angels 2"

@Copyrighted 2010, Michelle C. of
All Rights Reserved.

I don't know?  Is the second pass too much?  Too overpowering?  Which is better A) or B)?

Life got you down?  Frustrated?  ... Why not go paint something?  : ) ... I'll be right behind ya!

Peace & Love,

P.S.  Think maybe I am at last more right handed than left?  I don't have a digi-pad yet ... I really, really want one of these.  A digi-pad is at the very top of my Want List.  But for now I am stuck using an optical mouse ... that is an exercise in patience in and of itself, but I think I've finally adapted ... the mouse is now an extension of my hand  ... a part of it.  Funny thing is, I got so used to mostly using my right hand with the  mouse that I am now better at drawing on the PC with my right hand.  Well that's ambidextrous for you ... no challenge you can't overcome ; )

1/26/2011  Okay ... I decided that both A) & B) above were BORING (ya'll are just too sweet to tell me so ; ) ... so I played with the software some more and came up with C) & D) ... these may change some (I'm loving this coloring), but here they are for now ...

C)  "Angels Among Us"
@Copyrighted 2010, Michelle C. of
All Rights Reserved.

D)  "Angels Dance"
@Copyrighted 2010, Michelle C. of
All Rights Reserved.

[11/25/2011 ... Final ART render deleted from this site.  To view go to the link for my Flickr website via main page.  Thanks!]

As my software editing skills increase, I might be able to shine the light into the mission tower?  But from an artistic standpoint, maybe that would just take away from the light source ... unless it was done just right.  We'll see time will tell ...

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