Monday, January 03, 2011

Still Peddling "Global Warming"?

Can you believe it: there are still staunch supporters of "Global Warming" out there? ... And we were hit with snow here, in the USA, in Las Vegas today!! Las Vegas of all places ... The "playground in the desert"!?!  ... The snow shut down highways, with up to 15 inches falling in surrounding areas (i.e., 50 miles out) of Las Vegas ... where schools were closed for perhaps the first time ever in history.  The east coast and northern midwest have been hit with record snowfalls as well, and here in the Seattle area we've had snow twice already this year  ... on two different occasions ... the last of which has remained on the ground for the last 6 days.

Slideshow of "Snow in Las Vegas"

Still the proponents of "Global Warming" continue to press onward with their agenda?  Specifically, Cap and trade ... emissions regulation with cash penalties ... the cost of which will ultimately be picked up by the little guy (i.e., you and me) in the form of lost jobs and higher ultility bills.

Here's some interesting reading ...
US orders greenhouse gas reporting beginning Jan 2011
Texas files again to block EPA carbon rules in state
Biomass Industry Fears EPA Ruling

I'm all for taking care of our beautiful planet ... but let's get real about what we are talking about here.  Wake up politicians with an ulterior agenda:  You can dress it any way you want, but we aren't buying "Global Warming" anymore!!

I heard an awesome remark about the "science" behind Global Warming today:

"The only concrete evidence of man's direct influence on 'Global Warming' is in the scientific manipulation of the data regarding 'Global Warming'."

That about sums it up, wouldn't you say?

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