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Repeal Healthcare Reform Law Update ...

I have previously discussed (in many, many posts) the specific reasons why I feel this piece of legislation is so so very BAD for our country.  For this reason, lately I haven't felt the need to restate the same points over and over again. That being said, I got to thinking that maybe someone who is uninformed or undecided might be persuaded to action if I wrote a brief summary once again.  So here goes ...

The first and foremost reason for repeal, is the fact that this piece of legislation will ultimately result in the socialization of our healthcare system ... and if you don't know what that means just look at the failed healthcare systems in Europe (e.g., the United Kingdom ... England).  It means a lower quality of overall care due to government over-regulation.  It means longer wait times for needed treatments and in a worse case scenario the government deciding who gets what treatments and when.  I don't know about you, but the latter scares the HELL out of me!!

The second compelling reason for repeal is that overall costs will rise for people like you and me as the insurance companies pass the burden of government increased coverage requirements onto the little guy.  A third  compelling reason for repeal of the Healthcare Reform law is that some small businesses, not lucky to have won a government "Get Out of Jail" free card, will go bankrupt trying to meet the new government mandates for providing health insurance for all of their employees.  Ironically, in many cases paying the penalties for not insuring all employees will actually be cheaper than conforming to the new healthcare coverage mandates in the Healthcare Reform law.

If you're worried about the "pre-exisitng" conditons clause that many insurance companies currently hide behind in order to deny coverage:  this issue can and should be addressed in an entirely separate piece of legislation.  Same thing goes for addressing sky-rockecting malpractice insurance costs.  This should also be addressed in a separate piece of legislation.  We shouldn't have to swallow this entire poisonous pill of a piece of legislation in order to address these issues.  The latter issues are just camoflauge for the greater end goal of socializing the healthcare system in our country. 

And a third reason to vote for a repeal of the Healthcare law:  this law is unconstitutional.  The Congress has overstepped its powers, as given by the U.S. Constitution, by requiring that all individuals must purchase some form of healthcare insurance.

Now is the time to ACT ... do something positive.  Write to your Senators in the U.S. Congress and tell them that you DON'T WANT THIS PIECE OF HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION.  Tell them that you WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE and THAT YOU EXPECT THEM TO VOTE FOR A REPEAL OF THE HEALTHCARE REFORM LAW.  Then go to the website listed at the top of my page and in the link given below and SIGN THE PETITION (which will be delivered to the U.S. Senate) to have the Healthcare Reform Law repealed.  And be sure to pass this message onto all of your friends and family:  Together we CAN make a difference!!

Here is the link to write to find and contact your U.S. Senator.  In most cases you can write to your Senator on-line and have your message sent directly to your Senator electronically:

(Email from Ken Hoagland, Chairman of

"Week of January 24, 2011: Repeal focus shifts to the Senate

After Repeal It Now delivered 530,000 names to House leadership, the House of Representatives voted to repeal! Now the battle shifts to the Senate, where we must fight to bring a successful vote for repeal to the floor...

Hours before the State of the Union speech last night, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offered an amendment to repeal the HealthCare Act that will bypass the refusal of Majority Leader Harry Reid to schedule a vote!

If taken today, such a vote would fail--along party lines--but we can change that outcome with massive public pressure. We must immediately signal the Senate that there is overwhelming support for repeal.

You helped make this call for repeal powerful in the House and that has now translated to the Senate. Help us get the job done for the sake of the country.

In the aftermath of the historic House vote to repeal the HealthCare Act Washington pundits and liberal politicians rushed to the cameras to claim it was merely "symbolic".

It wasn't.

In truth, this was their way to deflect the will of the American people and convince some citizens that any further effort would be wasted. It didn't work.

We have the power to convince more than 20 Senate Democrats who will face re-election that the will of the people must be respected.

It's up to us.

The TV ads with Mike Huckabee and Mike Reagan helped us raised 660,000 petitions. We presented more than a half million of your petitions to House leaders the day before the House vote to repeal! We bought low cost TV time to reach the most people we could in the shortest amount of time. To raise this many petitions in such a short time is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for helping us.

We're just getting started. Now we must raise at least five million petitions almost immediately. It's a big job but we can do it.

We ask you for contributions only so we can get more TV ads on the air, reach more people and gather more petitions--and momentum--for outright repeal. Your dollars go right into new television ads and a growing tidal wave of pressure on the Senate. This is how we get it done!

We are producing New ads focusing on the Senate as you read this and will on the air by early next week. Please help us buy more air time and massively turn up the heat on Democratic Senators now by clicking HERE.

Thank you for standing up for our country.

Ken Hoagland, Chairman

PS. Even if you can't afford a contribution you can still help. Ask five friends to sign our petition at: Now is the moment we must stand up and be counted. Please pitch in.

Paid for by Repeal HealthCare Act
P.O. Box 12956
Pittsburgh PA, 15241, United States "


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