Thursday, January 06, 2011

Time to Consider an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

As I understand it, a reading of the U.S. Constitution (an updated version with more modern phrasings) will now be recited at the start of each new session of Congress, from 112th on forward. This reading being instituted by a House Resolution.  Furthermore, an additional resolution will now require that each newly introduced piece of legislation to cite the specific portion of the U.S. Constitution from which it draws its power of origination.  The point of the later being to prevent unconstitutional pieces of legislation, such as the "Healthcare Reform" law, from ever being signed in law in the first place.

Bravo, 112th Congress ... I'd say that you are off to a brilliant start!  I have to admit, I did rather enjoy seeing Nancy Peolosi reciting her part of the U.S. Constitution earlier today ... To me, it was rather like seeing a repentant parochial school girl who had just gotten caught cheating come clean.  So perhaps there is a modicum of justice in the world after all? 

Another reason for auplause: a "yeah or nay" vote  for the repeal of the "Healthcare Reform law" is on the agenda, in the House,  in the upcoming week.  Experts say it is unlikely that a similar vote will pass in the U.S. Senate -- although it should, if the elected officials in that chamber of the legislature have any hope of being re-elected to office --but I still keep hope.  I mean, if the totally unthinkable can happen ... with this nightmare piece of legislation being signed into law against the will (and strong oposition!!) of the American people in the first place ... then why can't the also unlikely scenario of a repeal vote passing in the Senate occur? 

If the above were to happen, that is that a repeal of the "Healthcare Reform" law were to pass in both the House as well as the Senate --despite what "experts" predict -- and such a bill were to make its way to President Obama for signature:  he would be a fool NOT to sign it into law! ... Because, does President Obama really want to be remembered throughout history as the President whose party so grossly violated their constitutional mandate, forcing into law a bill to which the American people were so adamently opposed?  I would hope not.

If the above scenario does not happen ... that is that is that a vote to repeal "Healthcare Reform" law passes in the U.S. House of Representatives, but not in the U.S. Senate ... then what are the American people supposed to do?  Just swallow this horrible pill and accept the socialization of the American healthcare system?  Standing by, helpless to act, as our healthcare system quality and available options decline, degrading the overall system, bit by bit,  as we have seen socialized medicine do in European countries such as England?  Not to mention the enormous cost of this snowball piece of legislation?  Should "We the people" patiently wait while the constitutionality of this "law" is hammered out in the U.S. courts, in a long and drawn out process that will likely take longer than two additional years (as it is highly unlikely that this matter will be "fast tracked' through the court system and make its way to the U.S. Suprem Court in a timely manner)?  I think NOT!!  In this case scenario, I say that "We the People" do not wait two additional years to get justice:  the damage that can be done in this timeframe is too great and I do not think that this damage can be averted by simply attempting to "defund" parts of the "Healthcare Reform" law. I say that we need to seriously consider the enactment of legislation that would create an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, whereby gross violations of legislative power (e.g., the passage into law of the "Healtcare Reform Act") can be redressed by a vote of the American people.

Perhaps it is fitting that I come to this epiphany ... a vocalization of this epiphany ... today, on the "Feast of the Epiphany"?

P.S.  Bill Oreilly ... I am disappointed in you.  You've tried so hard, for so long, to be in the "No Spin Zone" that you've apparently lost your momentum?  If you were truly "fair and balanced" you would have Mike Huckabee, spokesperson for the "Petition to Repeal Healthcare Reform Law", on your television show ("The Factor") before you threw in the towel on the likelihood of a timely success for the repeal of the "Healthcare Reform law."

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