Monday, January 10, 2011

"Antithesis": A Valid Point of View? ...

"Antithesis ... A point of view."

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Black and White? Or shades of grey?

What's your point of view?  Well, mine seems to be dusted with snow this morning ... It just started snowing again (this will be our 3rd snowfall this year) here, in the greater Seattle area, as I upoload this photo.  Big, white, fluffy flakes ... as the sun continues to stretch and yawn, slowly creeping his way into the morning sky. Magical ... I love it!

And I wonder, as I type this, what color is snow? Is it truly white or rather some shade of grey? ; ) 

@2011 Copyrighted Image, Michelle C. of
All Rights Reserved.

Maybe I'll venture out and try to capture a few flakes on film ... of snow that is ... today?  Tomorrow, I will finally post an update on my progress ... adventure ... into IR (near infra-red) photography.

In the here and now, however:  I Close my eyes and make a wish ... That you will have a truly FABULOUS day! Reach for the stars!!

Peace & Love,

P.S.  Had not watched much news this weekend.  Weekends are family time ... and I had a lot on my plate from a personal perspective.  Just heard about the shooting Congresswoman Giffords, of Arizona.  How scary?!  But she is alive and not taking a turn for the worse ... that in and of itself is a miracle.  I will keep you in my special prayers Mrs. Giffords.  Hang in there and show them that you can beat the odds!!

Late p.m. ... early a.m. the next day:  I realize now, at the end of this day, that several people lost their lives in this tragedy.  Six in all.  Six lights extinguished from our world  ... our reality.  How truly sad?!  Unfanthomable ... And the youngest was just 9 years old ... the same age as my youngest.  Born on September 11, 2001 ... 9/11.  I have been trying to process all of this today, but still no words spring readily to mind ... just an overwhelming sorrow.  I will pray for those injured and in the hospital and for the families of those who lost their loved ones.  I will pray for the man, who for whatever reasons felt compelled to commit this unspeakable crime.  His tormented cry for help perhaps?

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