Wednesday, February 02, 2011

U.S. Senate to Vote on Repeal of Healthcare Reform Law Today!

The U.S. Senate will vote today on a Senate resolution to repeal the Healthcare Reform law.  The resolution was introduced by Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.  A total of 67 votes are needed in order to override a presidential veto. 

So if you haven't written to your U.S. Senator yet, do so immediately!  Here is the link:
write to your U.S. Senator on-line

2/3/2011  ... Well the Senate did not pass the resolution to repeal the Healthcare Reform law.  It was a longshot, but you know me ... always hopeful?   I live in a predominately Democratic state now ... a big change from the Texas that I am used to, but you can be certain that I will be out in force campainging against the two senators in this state when they are up for re-election.  Unfortunately, Pat Murray just won re-election here somehow?  So she will be sitting comfortably in her Senate seat for awhile ... but I will keep writing to her in the meantime, as the need arises.

I am now hopeful that this case will be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court ... I have heard via the news and reading on the internet that several state Governers are already planning to declare this law void in their repsective states based on the Pensecola, Florida ruling of Judge Roger Vinson a few days ago.

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