Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Godspeed on your journey ...

"Eloe", By Witold Pruzowski
Image Courtesy of Artmagick.com

I just received some sad news in the mail ... Apparently, it was postmarked back on January 27th, but I just received the envelope yesterday?  Must have gotten lost in the mail somehow ...  Anyway, it was an envelope from my high school friend, Cassie.  I opened the envelope to find the leaflet missal for her father's memorial service.  Her father's pancreatic cancer finally answered the call for Mr. Wilson to come home.  There was no note ... were no words ... only the solitary leaflet was contained within the envelope. 

My heart goes out to Cassie ... I can feel the depth of her sorrow as I hold the funeral mass program.  She doesn't need mere words to convery what she must be going through.  I know how close she was to her father.  He was a great man, with a huge heart.  I know that his presence here in this world will be sorely missed.

God bless you and your beautiful family, Cassie.  I will keep you all in my special prayers.  Godspeed on your journey home, Mr. Wilson.  It was a honor to have known you in this life.

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