Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Praying for the People of Egypt ...

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God bless the people of Egypt.  Have not written much about this, but I have been praying.  Hopefully, peace will return shortly and essentials, such as food, will no longer be in shortage.  Keep hope and peace will follow ... That's what works in my own life.

God Bless one and all!


P.S.  For some reason this song comes to mind when pondering the situation in Egypt. I'll share with you later what this song means to me ... my interpretation. I made a friend once because of this song ... We had a rather interesting discussion about what this song meant to us ...

Song: "When the Angels Fall", By Sting

And it's official: I have the flu .... Ugh, going back to bed ...

2/4/2011  I wonder how many would stand up for what they believe in?  Perhaps a better question is how many actually know, or can truly state, what it is that they believe in?  Have you thought about why you believe what you believe?  Are you merely being led?  And if so, by whom?

Here's a music video with Sting singing the above in concert ...

10/10/2011 Update. .. Mubarak was ousted just weeks ago.  The people of Egypt now have their freedom and what are they doing with this newfound freedom???  The whole world is watching ...

I must say, the reports that I am hearing on the news about things going on in Egypt these days brings an enormous sorrow to my heart.  It boggles my mind that those who strove so desperately for freedom from oppression just weeks ago would then turn around and use their newfound freedom to desecrate churches, destroy businesses and homes, and physically attack those of a different faith ... faiths other than Islam.  Intolerance, hatred, cruelty and oppression:  is this your newfound "freedom"?  How can you, the people of Egypt, in anyway think that a Creator, God, would embrace your agenda of destruction and oppression?     

For those of you of the Islamic faith that are choosing to engage in this mob violence, keep in mind this is not a battle to defend yourself from attack:  this is mindless mob rule acting without forethought in the name of a warped idealology of intolerance.   You are attacking people who were created by the same God as you ... people made of the same flesh and blood as you  [but what you are is in truth so much more for your body is merely a temporary housing for the true essence that is you:  the body will cease to exist but the soul lives on forever].  You are attacking people who worship the very same God as you, but they merely choose to worship Him in a different way.  Bear in mind when you stand before God at the end of your days: you alone will have to answer for your actions.  I challenge each one of you to still your mind, block out the noise, listen to your inner light and search for what is right.  Then find the courage to resist the mob gone mad  ... Be the lone voice of reason, speak out for what is right, and help put an end to this violence.  The whole world is watching you, but more importantly God our Father, the Creator, is watching you. 

I will continue my prayers for your country and all people of Egypt and the Middle East.

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