Friday, February 18, 2011

Assault in Egypt on the Eve of Democracy ...

I have just now heard about the female reporter from the U.S., Lara Logan, who was attacked by a group of male protesters during the protests on the streets of Egypt, violently beaten and then repeatedly sexually assaulted. My heart truly goes out to Lara Logan. There is NO EXCUSE for this horrific behavior ... None whatsoever, not under any circumstances. I hope that those responsible are brought to some form of justice, but in truth no amount of "justice" is ever really able to heal the hurt that comes from this type of assault ... violence.

Lara Logan in Tahir Square prior to the attack. Source: CBS news, AP

How absurdly tragic and ironic that those protesting for freedom from oppression and tyranny could turn around, moments after tasting victory (when Mubarak successor had just announced that Mubarak had in fact stepped down) for their cause, and then wreak violence and oppression on another in their midst? The assault of Lara Logan is truly unfathomable ... mind boggling ... and now the image that I will always hold in my mind when I look back on this day in history ... a day of supposed victory for democracy? I just pray that those who will come to power in Egypt will not be those that would continue to suppress women, subjecting them to violence and unjust laws under the guise of religion.

What scares me the most is the way that individual thought, reason and accountability are set to naught in a mob mentality ... Group-think ... Group dynamics suddenly make the unthinkable possible. In this present day world of upheaval and change, economic hardships, and widespread civil unrest we are sure to see many more opportunities for mob violence to rear its ugly head. I would challenge each of you ... especially those currently out on the streets protesting ... to look deep within yourselves and assess what you believe in: What defines you? Would you stand up in a crowd gone mad and be the lone voice of reason? Would you summon the courage to lead when others would merely blindly follow? In the end, you and you alone ARE accountable for your actions ... For your immortal soul. May God's grace and wisdom be with you and guide you during trying times.

God bless you and heal you inside and out, Lara  ... you will be in my special ongoing prayers.

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