Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Levity ...The Little Children will show you the Way

With all of the serious events unfolding in our world today, I find myself wondering:  How do we manage to momentarily just let it all go? To escape and renew? How do we find moments free of concern where we can attempt to focus on acknowledging and processing ... experiencing happiness, even joy, in our lives?

Well, where happiness in the moment is concerned: I always look to the little ones, the children to see what are they doing.  Most of them can be found running barefoot through the streets, chasing after a stray ball, skipping through the grass, building monuments in the sand ... scaling a formidable tree .... laughing with a friend, completely blind to categorical divisions and limitations.

In essence, children in their untainted 'innocence' haven't forgotten how to simply pause, in the moment, in order to look UP ...

Photo by ME:  What I see when I look up : )

Note: Feel free to use this image, but please link back here to my blog and give me
credit as the photographer.  Thank you!

... To look up and appreciate the wonder of the world around.  To take a deep breath and breathe in the hope of infinite possibilities. With this in mind, why not take some time for you today ... clear your mind , open your heart, take a deep breath and just BE ... And maybe lie in the cool grass and look UP ... God writes His messages in the clouds, I think.

While you're looking up remember that we all share the same sky on this amazing, rapidly spinning Blue Planet.

Joyful day to you! 
Peace & LOVE ...


P.S.  We have unexpected snow here today, so if I do happen to lay on the ground: it will be in the snow ... so I'll make snow angels while looking up : )

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