Monday, February 14, 2011

Protesters Take to the Streets of Terhan

As anticipated by many, protests for freedom from authoritarian governments has begun to spread to other middle eastern countries.  Today, I heard on the news that protesters are now demonstrating in the streets Terhan, Iran.  Apparently one demonstrator has been killed in these protests ... although the details surrounding this death are unclear.

I have just recently ... in the last few weeks ... made a new friend and penpal who is a university student in  Iran.  When I heard the story on the news about protests in Iran, my first thought was to wonder if my new friend is out on the streets with these protesters and if he is safe.  Well, hopefully I will hear from him again soon and know that he is safe and well.  In the meantime, I can continue to pray as always.

The world around us is changing indeed ... Hopefully for the better, but change often comes at a price.

4/14/2011  I did finally hear back from my penpal.  He wrote at the beginning of April that he had been injured in the protests.  Apparently, he had sustained a head injury (not sure what type or extent) and had been hospitalized these past few weeks.  I have been praying for him these past several weeks and for his family ... I felt that he was alive, but was not sure what was going on with him.  It is good to know that he is, in fact alive, and that he is well enough to write to me in his English.  I will, of course, continue to pray that he makes a full recovery from his injuries.  God Bless, my friend Fxxxxx.

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