Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Independence Day: Not just another day ...

This Independence Day …

“Let not tomorrow be just another day.  Let the celebration of our nation's Independence Day be a day of genuine thankfulness for the wisdom of our Founding Father’s and the brave men and women who fearlessly fought for the idea of a "free nation."  Let this fourth of July be a day of remembering where we have been as a nation: our defining moments, as well as the moments where we may have gone astray. And bearing all of this in mind, let this Independence Day herald an awakening call for all American citizens to unite upon our common ground, in a cooperation of embracing diversities that strives to heal our once great nation.   May this healing then spread like fire in the hearts of good women and men, a fire to foster the building of bridges to cross the ever-widening chasms of our nation’s divide.” ~Isabelle Black Smith

@Copyrighted, July 2012. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

[I wonder: have you ever read this document?  Maybe it's time you should ...]

Reflecting upon the many divides I see in our nation these days (e.g., black vs. white, have vs. have not, left vs. right, Democrat vs. Republican),  I find myself deeply troubled by the ever-widening chasms of our divide.  It is my sincerest hope that we, fellow American citizens, can find some meaningful way to come together on the really important issues facing our nation (terrorism, jobs, economy, education, energy independence, fixing healthcare).  We need to address these pressing issues for the greater good of ALL AMERICANS and for the future of our children, and our children's children yet to come.  Furthermore, we need to embrace our diversity, for our differences are the biggest part of what makes America so great, especially our diversity of thought.  Can you even imagine America as a nation of blind followers, mindlessly ad-hearing to one single set of ideological principles in absence of an on-going dialogue and meaningful debate?  That would be the antithesis of a true democracy, to my way of thinking. But embracing diversity only works when each of us is willing to honestly listen, in the absence of immediate judgment, in order to consider another perspective.  From here we can begin to engage in meaningful debate, bringing facts and ideas to table.  Judgment, obstruction and the absence of true debate (i.e., shutting down free speech and refusing to engage in constructive conversations, with actual facts, along with hurling divisive insults and accusations) gets us nowhere!  Finally, by revisiting our common roots --in history-- we will be in a position to learn from our successes, as well as failures, such that we will be able move forward once again with confidence, unity (in enacting policies beneficial to the nation as a whole) and accomplishment for all of "We the People" in America as a whole.

"My future looks bright?"
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Here's wishing you all a Blessed, joy-filled and safe celebration this 4th of July.  God Bless the USA!!

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