Monday, July 09, 2012

A Walk Down to the Beach: Evolution of ART?

Bribed the kids with dinner at one of their favorite take-out places if they would walk down to the beach with me.  So we ate dinner on the beach while watching the waves crash into the shore ... It was an exceptionally windy day today.  Not many sailboats out today, but a stealth speed boat was literally skipping across the wave crests as it sped on by.  The walk down to the beach was good exercise and a nice change of pace.  Something about just being near water ... watching its movement, hearing its song ... is healing to me on a spiritual level.  And of course, I love to change things up, embrace the unexpected and go on new adventures.  Love dragging my digitally entrenched kids along too; although my oldest somehow managed to sneak not only her cell phone, but her iPod as well.

On the way to the beach, of course, I saw numerous photo opportunities (My kids loose patience with me sometimes ; ).  But as I only had my cell phone, I didn't capture much that was useful for the purposes of art.  The following is one of my three photo captures.  As you can see, the center roses were just gorgeous, but the spotted leaves and the scraggly back-drop leave a lot to be desired.

Original Image
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Not to worry, however, this was the perfect opportunity to use my new graphics tablet.  I am still getting used to working with this new tool.  Trying to use my left hand (one I write with), when I am used to "drawing" with a mouse using my right hand (okay, I'm actually ambi-dextrous). Bearing the latter in mind, it probably took me longer than it normally would to do a typical standard photo edit (ie., not too complex) ... and I was just taking my time, enjoying the process while listening to music.  Probably took me about an hour total to do this whole edit, from start to finish.  I cleaned up the original cell phone shot first.

Cleaned-Up Photo Edit
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Lastly, I decided to paint it a little to add highlights, brush strokes, etc. and make it pop.  This is the final product.  It's pretty simple, whimsical ... but it was a great exercise for me using my new graphics tablet.  Fun to play too =)  So I got to exercise, body, mind and soul today:  A good day, all in all, I'd say. 

"In the Garden ..."
@Copyrighted Photograph, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Hope you and yours had a great day today too ♥

Peace & Love,


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