Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Unnecessary Act of Violence?

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Aurora, Colorado, right now. When I am in writing mode, I don’t focus so much on news.   Heard about this tragic shooting just after lunch today.   Such a senseless tragedy ... I can’t yet even begin to wrap my mind around this act of violence?  So for now, I will just pray for those who have been injured --whether physically and/or emotionally: that they will heal quickly-- for those who have lost their lives and those that they leave behind.   May God Bless one and all ….


6/23/12   Some thoughts upon reflection in the aftermath of this heartfelt tragedy ...This poem is dedicated to the victims of the Aurora Colorado Movie Theater shooting with much Love and many ongoing prayers.

“The Seeds of Hope”

Today, the landscape finds itself
Little more than tattered fields
Of endless, hopeless grey.
For the story has told itself.
There seems little more to say?

So silent prayers attempt to
Fill a wanting void,
In earnest effort to keep
The pain and heartache of
An unfathomable tragedy at bay.

Society’s ultimate betrayal
Unleashed upon the early hours
Of a most unfortunate night.
A moment, now forever frozen
In chasm of unrelenting Time.

Cruelest, senseless crime.
Violent chaos void of all
Reason or meaningful rhyme.
Loss of innocence. Loss of life.
The highest of prices
Was this day paid.

Yet seeds of Hope are
Somehow born
Into the air of tomorrow.
In the wake of heartfelt tragedy
Have these been laid.

And in due time these
Shall blossom a healing,
Heralding an understanding
That will grow to replace
Our current sorrow.

Gathering a newfound
Awareness of thankfulness
For each our blessings in
This life in the  moment
Unfolding right at hand.

Poppied fields of red,
Fields of Hope,
Now stand instead
To paint a memory of
What is today seeming lost
And left unsaid,
But tomorrow, with Love,
Shall never be forgotten.

@Isabelle Black Smith, July 23, 2012.

I have been pondering the resilience of the human spirit today.  It amazes me how we humans can bear what we would have once thought was the unthinkable ... the unfathomable ... and emerge from this bearing metamorphosis stronger, perhaps wiser, but still with an undying belief in some greater good, a reason for our being and a higher purpose for this journey we are on.

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