Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Musical ART?

Rough day for words today; hence, I am taking a short musical detour.  My daughters introduced me to this song ... I don't really care for the lyrics on this one, though I suspect many could probably relate to them?  I love the musical arrangement on this song though ... kinetically kool.  Kind feels like you're being pulled into the song and led along by the unique musical arrangement of notes ... bread crumbs ... as the story unfolds, drawing you deeper into the fabled fairy wood. 

The music video that goes with this is pretty cool too.  Music videos usually bore me, but this one held my interest.  Good match for the song, in my humble opinion.  Anyhow, thought I'd share this intriguing piece of musical piece of ART.  Change it up here ... You know me:  I gotta stay outside the box ; )

Peace & Love,


Song:  "Somebody That I Used to Know", By Gotye
[Did some reading on this artist.  A most ineteresting and determined, not to mention talented, individual.  Wondering at his nationality was my initial inclination for looking him up.  I was thinking Belgian (though he was raised in Austraila) for some reason and what do you know:  I was right?  Here's an interesting mini-doc on his album "making mirrors".]

Hmmm ... maybe my subconscious mind led me back to this song?  My problems writng today center around filling in some of the back story for my novel ... the mushy love and relationship stuff.  I have no trouble with the action and adventure or the technical aspects of the story ... things that require unbridled imagination or technical thinking.  It's the real world, relationship stuff that kills me.  Takes me 10x as long to compose the latter over the former.  Love: my ultimate nemesis?

9/21/2012 ... Think that it is not Love which is my ultimate nemesis, but rather it is Trust which eludes me.  And it would seem that Trust is perhaps a necessary foundation for Love?  Is Trust necessary for all forms of Love, I have to wonder, or just the romantic kind?  Trusting others or myself ...

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