Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bilal: Ancient Dreams and Messages?

This photo was originally titled "Mysterious."
[It seems to fit well here?]

I have unusual dreams to say the least ... sometimes even waking visions.  Last night I cannot remember my dream in any detail, but I awoke with the most unusual name upon my lips ... echoing through my head:  Bilal

This name did not strike any familiar note for me, so I did an internet search and made a most interesting discovery.  Bilal was a freed Ethiopian slave and companion to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He is considered to have been the first muezzin* chosen by the prophet Muhammad, himself, per the Wikipedia link that I found.  According to this source, Bilal "is said to have been one of the most trusted and loyal Sahabah (companion) of Muhammad. His respected stature during the birth of Islam is often cited by Muslims as evidence of the importance of pluralism and racial equality in the foundations of the religion."

[*A muezzin is "the chosen person at a mosque who leads and recites the call to prayer (adhan) for every event of prayer and worship in the mosque. Usually, in ancient years, Muezzins around the world will recite the adhan or call to prayer by the minarets so people around the mosque will hear him." (quoted from wikipedia via given link)]

I wish I knew what this name being upon my waking lips meant?  Or that I could remember the dream that went with it?  Sometimes my dreams occur over a series of days, so it is likely that this dream will return.  Hopefully, the dream and the meaning of this name will become clearer to me.  Perhaps, this name is a call for more intensified prayers for Peace and understanding in our chaotic world?  So often, I wish I had someone who could help me to better understand my dreams and  help me to figure out what it is that I supposed to do with the visions ... messages ... that I receive.  Mostly, I just keep journals and notes.  Sometimes it is a bit clearer to me who a message is meant for.

Awhile back I started a language course on Egyptian Arabic, for my someday dream trip to Egypt.  Life became hectic and I stopped the audio course, but I still have the CDs.  Level 1 and 2.  Maybe this dream is a call for me to resume learning this language?  ... The universe does indeed work in mysterious ways and I have often wondered why it chooses to speak to me so often?  Is it because I am awake and open to listening, I wonder?

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