Friday, October 19, 2012

We are none of us promised a tomorrow ....

The following is a letter I wrote to a friend this evening.   He has been having visions of his wife dying and –understandably—these visions are truly troubling for him. His wife was diagnosed and treated for both breast and ovarian cancer not long ago. She is, no doubt, in the battle of her life. But my friend's wife has such an amazing, resilient and loving spirit and she has so many people storming heaven with prayers for her. My friend, I think, is having a hard time not just dealing with the very real possibility of losing his wife, but he is also dealing with feelings of recent loss for other loved ones in his life.

I share these words with you, because I sense that they will perhaps speak to many people … Oddly enough, when I read back over these words written to my friend, I realize that that these words also speak to me and issues I have been dealing with in my own personal life on a different level. God sure does work in mysterious wonderful ways, does he not???


Good for you on treating Beth so well. As for your vision ... These things, the 'gift of sight’ that you have, can be dual-edged sword. You have to be willing to acknowledge the influence of your own personal fears onto the projection of what you 'see', and in doing so you have to be willing to admit that what you are most likely sensing is your own personal reaction to a very possible outcome in your foreseeable future. On some level, your subconscious mind must think that you need to begin dealing with the possibility of XXXXX’s death on some level. You have to begin processing your fear of this possibility not because this will happen, but more likely because you deeply fear that it could happen and sub-consciously you don't think --given all of the other losses of loved ones in your life of late-- that you will be able to handle her death if and when it comes to pass.

If you start swallowing and digesting the eventual acceptance of the possibility of XXXXX’s death now, then you won't completely lose it if it does ever happen. The above being said, XXXXX needs you to be her rock right now! You are her anchor and you have got to push her to be strong and to fight to keep her hope, to keep going and to heal. I truly believe that a good 80 - 90% of healing takes place in the mind and the heart. Our spirits have to literally will our physical bodies to return to a state of balance and equilibrium. Without the will to live, our bodies will not heal and eventually they will begin to crumble. So YYYYYY, from this moment forward: I would suggest focusing on the HERE and NOW. Focus on XXXXX healing and finding her own inner peace. Make the most of every single minute you have together, because we are none of us promised a tomorrow. The one truth we all share is Death and eventually it will come for us all. The key, I think, is to be ready to meet Death when he comes for us --or those that we love-- by living a life worth living TODAY.  This means that we willfully choose to put our love, time and efforts where they will count the most and do the most good.

As I read over what I have written above, it occurs to me that maybe these were words that I needed to hear, for myself, as well. Anyhow, remember to keep your Faith and Hope. Let God’s eternal LOVE shore you up and don’t forget to PRAY!!   For, I truly believe in the power of prayer … Offer up what you can't handle to God . Just lay it at His feet and let Him carry it for you: AND HE WILL!

I will keep you and XXXX in my ongoing thoughts and prayers, YYYYYY. Hang in there, my dear friend!



Whitemist said...

This is one of those things i get to deal with for those around me, because i have accepted that each day i have is a gift and may be my last. I sometimes - no many times have dreams of what it is like on the "other side" and they are wonderful! Plus my own short experience during the operation - makes me completely unafraid and sometimes a bit longing for it. I am not old, but have lived a very full life. What more is in store is truly not up to me and a wake up wondering what the day will bring.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

You have a wonderful approach to life, Joey. How comforting to have had glimpses of what is yet to come that give you a sense of peace and joy in the here and now, enabling you to be thankful for the life you have led at the start of each new day. You are an inspiration! God Bless you =)