Thursday, October 04, 2012

Historical Data Shows We Should Be Well Out of the Recession By Now?

So why aren't we??????????????????

I've been trying to sort through the really big issues in this upcoming election myself.  Trying to gather information and formulate my stance on key issues in case the opportunity for meaningful discussion should arise with friends, co-workers, neighbors ... The raw emotion surrounding the current state of our country this political season, however, seems to be fueling a maddening trend towards polarization and outright belligerence in all too many instances --well from what I have personally witnessed thus far.  This saddens me deeply on a good day and scares the hell out me on a bad day.

To me, this election is like none other that I have witnessed in my entire lifetime --even before I was old enough to actually vote-- and perhaps that's because the economy that we are and have been dealing with these past few years is like none since the Great Depression?  But it's been four long years now since the current administration took office.  Historical data from previous American recessions have all shown that the economy has historically recovered by this point in time.  So why hasn't America ... why haven't we ... recovered yet?  Obviously, something --actually, like a combination of many things-- we have been doing for the last four years isn't working!  Logic would then dictate that it's time to try a new plan of attack, right?  I mean all issues, specifics and details aside:  it's just plain time to try something new!  I don't see how you can argue with the latter conclusion, whether you're a Republican, Democrat or Independent:  history is history and data is data.

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Image Source:  ABC News

My 12-year old summed it up rather nicely tonight when she said the following after watching the first presidential debate with me ...

“We’ve been following this election at school too in our ‘Junior Scholastic Readers.’  We hire the President to do a job, don’t we?   And didn’t he say that if he didn’t do the job we shouldn’t rehire him, so why was the President up there asking for his job back now?”  ~My 12-year old

Holding out my own hope that the remaining Presidential debates will provide the American electorate with clear and viable choices for solutions that will take our nation in a new direction, with the possibility of restoring hope once again for our future and for our childrens' future!  ... And while I am at it, is it too much to hope for that the American people will actually watch these televised debates and form their own opinions instead of having the media-machine --with its own political agenda--- form their opinions for them?  Or is the term "sheeple" truly applicable to the average American voter now-a-days?


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