Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asynchronous Beat ...

Trying to write an upbeat, "happy" poem for Autumn today.  The poem started its flowing out rather nicely, but somewhere along the way the restlessness in me started to sing --like an unruly child-- with a counter-posing asynchronous beat.  So I wound up throwing my hands up in utter defeat!?!  Seems  Autumn will have to take the back seat to the restlessness within me ....

"Ridophe", By Edward Reginald Frampton
(Image Courtesy of Artmagick)

"Asynchronous Beat"

There is an unsettling in me.
An unsettling that will find its way out.

Hiding behind voices of reason.
Whispering taunts of treason.

Shadows of doubt.
Inside, outside,
Right-side out?

Which way is UP?
Who is me?
No longer content to just be:
Standing on my edge, with a
Secret longing to be FREE ....

@Copyrighted Poem, October 2012. All Right Reserved:  Isabelle Black Smith.

Sometimes, the most brilliant people have the most persuasive demons? ; )  Going for a run ...

And I'm back and happy to report that I was able to finish my 'Autumnal' write after all.  Not my most brilliant work, but the completion of my formal, structured Autumnal serenade represents a personal triumph for me on a number of different levels.  And hey, I found something 'constructive' to occupy the unruly child in me ... So it's all good? 


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