Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet Surrender ...

Getting better ... my eye anyway ... my mood and attitude could still use a bit of adjusting.  Still really short-tempered.  Some residual pain, I guess?  I can see how one could easily become addicted to those pain meds.  They make everything numb: the pain, all worries and cares.  Easy to see how one might choose to pop a pill instead of facing this not always fun reality ... But not to worry, I'm all done with the pain pills and I still have half a bottle left.  Good for me?  I should probably flush the remainder down the toilet, right?  Eliminate future temptations?  No, I've never been a big fan of drugs of any sort.  I even hold out on antibiotics until I am absolutely certain that my body can't fight something on its own first.  No worries:  It's all good : )

Here's a little poem I crafted while under the influence of heavy narcotics, so to speak ... Those drugs seemed to open whole new worlds for me: Pretty far out?!? ... Love this artist, Diana Collier ART, by the way.  Be sure and check out her page: such talent!

“Sweet Surrender”

Drug induced daze.

Secrets I keep even

From myself ablaze.

In sweet surrender

To inhibitions walls

Crashing down,

I stand innocent,

Naked, in amazed

Confusion …  Void

Of all imposed

Coping delusions.

In this moment,

I am at long last  lost

& simultaneously found.

@Isa Black Smith, May 2012.

Hope to be back to writing on the novel, this Monday or Tuesday, if all goes well.  Trying to bring a new PC on-line and having a few issues.  Hopefully, with two good eyes I will be able to resolve them.

Hope you and yours are having a fabulous Holiday weekend!  May God Bless all who have served our countries so valliantly in our armed forces and their families left behind here in this life.  May we never forget their memories or the sacrifices they have made in order to preserve the hard won freedoms that we enjoy today.  ♥

Peace & Much LOVE,

Song:  "Lucky Man", By The Verve  (

P.S. 5/29/12 Computer is now up and all transferred software is running once again.  I even installed my new digital graphics tablet:  very cool!  This tablet should make photo editing and ART renders a whole lot easier than using a mouse right-handed (when I am supposedly left-handed).  I'm loving this new PC: now to get back to writing? ; )  Think I'll doodle a bit first ... Here's a Harbor seal I saw splashing and playing around in the Puget Sound the other day.

This seal has the life, eh? ...


Whitemist said...

The short temper thing might be a "coming down" of the pain meds - I have always choosen reality over any altered state also - but don't flush the meds down the toilet - they do not degrade very fast in water and will come back to affect things if you have a septic or if it is sewered - the wildlife on the other end. The heat and pressure of a land fill does more to destroy the drugs - so toss them in the garbage!.
Great post

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Good to know. I hadn't thought about the effect of flushing them vs. throwing them in the garbage. I guess my thought was to avoid some unintended user (e.g., teens) from getting ahold of a licensed narcotic. Thank you for the info : )