Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Painting the Blues ...

Painting with my new graphics tablet while listening to some "Blues" music ... Writing to follow shortly.  Just have to get back into that groove again where the words and ideas are flowing.  Hoping "doodling" will help pave the way for the latter.  I just might print the larger version of this on canvas and hang it in my office?

Joyful day to you!


"Tulip Blush"

@Copryrighted Image.  All Rights Reserved:  Isabelle Black Smith.

“A strange truth I have come of late to know of words: Words only breathe to life when the recipient is at last ready for what they have to 'say' to be heard.” ~Isabelle Black Smith

Song: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", By Eva Cassidy 

... This was one of the very first songs I ever learned to play on my flute. Since then it has always been a favorite for me.  Love Eva Cassidy's voice; she really brings this song to LIFE.

Here's another of my favorites by Eva ... this song just touches me on a spiritual level for some reason.  I find myself swaying to the music and outright dancing by the end of the song : )

Song: "People Get Ready", By Eva Cassidy

6/12/11 ... Love Eva ... Discovered her just after my first daughter was born.  Lauren grew up listening up to Eva sing and by the age of two --she was very verbally advanced for one so little-- she began to sing along.  Lauren's favorite song quickly became "Wade in the Water".  By the time she was three, Lauren could hold her own against Eva with "Wade in the Water" ... Whenever that song came on, Lauren would drop everything, come running and climb up on the coffee table or stand smack in front of the TV --she wanted an audience for her song ; )  Then she would just belt out those Blues for 'her song'... and this at the tender age of three.  Today Lauren has the voice of an angel.  She sings in choirs and has even worked up the courage to do a number of solos.  I am so proud of Lauren.  She is my inspiriation to find my own voice to sing again.  ... Lauren had her final choir concert for the season this evening.  Guess, I was just reminiscing.  Remembering my little Lauren singing the Blues up on her coffee table stage not so very long ago.  Love you, Lauren ♥


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