Saturday, May 05, 2012

Blue Skies & Glorious Sunshine!

Several friends promised to send some of their sunshine my way this weekend and it actually worked!  The skies cleared out and the sun was shining brilliantly this entire afternoon.  Being outside in the sun, even for a short while, re-energized me and I'm starting to feel whole once again.  Thank you, thank you my dear friends and God ... I'm sure he had a hand in the sun's shining too =)

Hope you and yours had a fabulous day too! ♥

"Sunshine's Warm Embrace"

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I did no editing to this photo whatsoever, save for adding my watermark/signature.  This photo was taken with a circular polarizer ... kind of like sunglasses for your camera.  The polarizer makes all of the colors more vibrant, the blues bluer and the details clearer.  The circular polarizer is probably the best investment --dollar for dollar-- I've made in my photography thus far.  If you don't have one, I'd highly recommend one.

Perhaps clear skies here tonight will enable me to catch some photographs of the "super moon"?  I'm not feeling so hot today though ... Ken drug me into the doctor's office, earlier today, but I wasn't kicking and screaming this time ; )  A friend of mine shared this blog article on 'How-to shoot the Moon'.  The article is a neat recollection of the strides photography has made in the past few decades if nothing else ... some useful tips for shooting the moon too.

Song: "Have a Little Faith in Me", By Jon Bon Jovi

This is from movie soundtrack for "New Year's Eve."  My daughters made me watch this one, but it was a cute movie with a good message.  Sometimes we just need to have a little faith, right? ... And the slap at the beginning of this video: boy there have been times when I really wanted to do that ; ) But the Peace & Love won out.  ♥

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