Monday, May 07, 2012

Secrets & Lies??

As a new day --and a new week for that matter-- unfolds, I find myself pondering what this saying truly means ...

"Tell me no secrets; I'll tell you no lies."

Not entirely sure why this thought popped into my head this morning.  Maybe I need coffee? ; )
Guess, I'll just have to see where my pondering leads.  Enjoy the ride, right?

"Color Outside some LINES ..."

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Afternoon thoughts unfold ...

I wonder if this saying means that for many of us our truths lie in our secrets? Do constraints --spoken and unspoken-- in today's society make us less likely to show the real us to the world? Is the nod we give to 'conformity' the price to be paid for living in an ordered society? Hence the nature of our duality and struggles within?

It does seem to me that now more than ever --reflecting back on history throughout the ages--  people seem to be so truly lost and afraid. And this at a time when we are supposedly more 'connected' now than ever, yet --if we were honest with ourselves-- I would venture that many of us feel more alone than ever?

I have to wonder if our technology is fueling a trend towards "me-centered" thinking? Our focus in our society seems to be figure out "who you are" ... "what makes you tick" ... "what makes you happy". We're so intently listening to what our inner voice is trying to say that we completely drown out the universal voice -- that which connects us all, a Creator, God ... a Divine Ruling Balance. And I can't help but think that it is this very "me-centered" focus that is making us so unhappy and perpetuating this unspoken "loneliness" ... With all the me-speak in self-help and new age thinking, people assume they just must not be searching hard enough ... deep enough ... so they try deeper reflection ...more intensity... more "me-thinking" and the result is a no-win downward spiral, maybe?

I'm not saying find religon here ... in fact, I seem to have lost my own faith in the tennants of man's religion --but that is another discussion entirely. The key to enlightenment, from what I have gleaned thus far, is a falling away from self; it is not a deeper understanding of self.   If there is even a grain of truth in my reasoning, then we as a society are headed 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Sure you have to live with yourself, understand yourself ... but I have found that I often learn more about myself and feel better about myself ... am happier ... when I'm not focusing not so much on me, but rather focusing on the others in the world around me.  I think we maybe need to cut ourselves --and those around us-- a little bit of slack, unplug and embrace the world around us a bit more and in doing so, maybe the light within us will shine just a bit brighter and show us the way ahead ... not within. 

So maybe this saying should mean:  Let your secrets go and just BE ... Life in the moment without the need for any lies.

Song: "Less than Perfect", By PINK

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