Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's all a matter of perspective ...

Said it before.  I'll say it again:  "Change your perspective; change your life."  ~Me

"X-ray Tulips"

@Copyrighted Image.  All Rights Reserved.

Guess this was the perfect day to post this image and thought? 

1) Venus crosses the sun for last time in the next 105 years ... (There are lots of great images available on the internet.  See Space.com  and scroll down to bottom of the page to see live images and a digital art render of the event. )

***Remember:  Never Look Directly Into the Sun!!***

2) Moonbow seen in Hawaii ... While a counterbalancing "celestial halo" encircled the sun as seen from view in Florida yesterday.

... The celestial heavens seem to be alive these days.  Perhaps their performances of late will provide you with a newfound source of inspiration.

Peace & Love Always,


6/6/2012 ... Footnote:  Sci-fi Author, Ray Bradbury left this life, as we know it, today.  He was 91.  Onto his next great adventure.  Peace & Love to you and yours Mr. Bradbury.


Whitemist said...

now i have seen everythin - an X ray of Tulips!
Wonderfully different

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Thank you, Joey : ) I like to think outside the box and find a different angle when I can.