Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spiritual Intellect: the seemingly superfluous and downright absurd

I think I’ve reached some level of higher spiritual evolution when I can hear someone say something caustic and degrading toward a certain ‘demographic’ – who are actually a group of real people, with hearts, minds and feelings-- in a covert effort to elevate themselves in the eyes of others (on some level) and not be offended by their words. To not be offended by the latter, to not feel compelled to strike back in anger, or at the very least to offer a stern rebuke for said individual’s thoughtlessness, would by many people’s standards take a great restraint, right?  But instead, these days, I find myself feeling sorry for said individual on some level. Instead of anger or a self-righteous need to correct their transgression, I feel an almost maternal regret for their small spiritual intellect and I find myself praying for their continued (and future) enlightenment on this journey we call 'Life'.

Maybe, I’ve just finally come to accept that I can’t change the world around me for better or worse --single-handedly-- but I can be part of a collective voice that speaks for a greater good. I can also pray for the change that I would hope to see in the world and be an example, myself, for this change and if someone earnestly asks for my opinion in an effort to embrace understanding and new ways of thinking, I can attempt to convey the wisdom and insight that I have gained thus far --spiritually speaking. And I don't have all the answers; if I did:  I wouldn't still be here searching myself.  The latter being said, however, some of us are understandably further along on our journey of spiritual enlightenment than others. As such, we are called to help others learn, grow and evolve in a spiritual sense.  The learning and growing is the real point of this journey we call 'Life'. 

To me the foremost sign of an enlightened individual is a willingness to take the back seat in a room, to not always have to be ‘seen’ and more importantly a willingness to listen and not always –not saying never … there will be times when an enlightened individual is called to lead-- need to be heard. Anything else, on a spiritual level, is seemingly superfluous and perhaps downright absurd?

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