Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Noosphere ... (pronounced "no" + "spehere")

I've been pondering the notion of "belonging" this past week or so ... what it means to "belong" and where do I "belong" ... true belonging vs. socially accepted norms and definitions for belonging.  ... And I'm always looking for patterns, connections and associations in every aspect of my life, almost on a subconscious level ... it's just an integral part of who I am, so it should be no surprise that I stumbled upon this link to a youtube video about the "noosphere" ... a concept that until today was totally foreign to me, but it fits rather nicely with my ponderings of late.  As I always say, "I am an empty vessel waited to be filled" and thus it follows that I am always searching, listening, exploring and pondering the world around me.  I love it when I make a connection such as this.  Well watch for yourself and see what you think ... and thank you to whoever it was who entered "Richard Doyle" as a search topic on my blog.

This video also makes me feel better about the internal struggle that I often have going on between the artistic right-side of my brain battling with the logical, analytical left-side of my brain ... the artist vs. the engineer.  Maybe my struggles give me a better --or rather, a unique-- perspective on the world?

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