Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Favorite Paintings for Autumn

I needed a distraction today, so I decided to browse through some wonderful art images on the website.  In keeping with the theme of Autumn (from my previous posts), here are some of my favorite Pre-Raphaelite paintings for Autumn.  I enjoyed listening to various selections from Bach, performed by Lara St. John, while assembling this album.  Hope you will enjoy as well.  There is a poem that accompanies this ART album ... though this poem has not shown itself  to be worthy of harvesting as yet.  Perhaps, I will post it here at a later date?

"Autumn", By John Atkinson Grimshaw

Song:  Bach, Concerto No. 2 Allegro Assai, Performed By: Lara St. John*

Assembling this album while listening to classical music makes me miss opera.  I have not been to an opera for quite some time now.  "Carmen" is now playing.  I have not seen this opera.  Perhaps, I'll summon my fairy godmother and she will allow me to attend?

Now onto more solomn thoughts ... Of course, I am well aware of events transpiring in Lybia this day (with the rebel forces finally cornering and brutally ending the life of their country's former dictator), but today is not a day to dwell long on solemn things for me ... as I have my own personal issues to contend ... Perhaps tomorrow I will process these world changing events with greater contemplation.  In the meantime, God Bless all the peoples of Lybia.  May the people of Lybia come to embrace and implement true democratic ideals as they work to reshape their country and government.

*[I will not be enabling the music link for the Bach piece mentioned above.  I would love to share some of my favorite music here on my blog, but the music industry is just making harder and harder to do so "legally."  So, I give up!  It's not worth my time and effort to try anymore.  I've shut down my mp3 storage site.  If someone else knows something I don't about sharing music, please enlighten me.  You would think that sharing music would generate a broader audience for artists and boost sales?  But I guess some people abuse shared music and find ways to copy and download the music for free.  Even if most people don't copy and download music illegally, the music industry seems to have vice grip on all music.  Even if I own a legally purchased CD or album and I rip a copy of a song for use in mp3 format it may not be legal since I am "altering the format of the music" (e.g., I did not purchase the song in the original mp3 or other digital format).  And it seems as if you have to live in a foreign country in order to illustrate and create a video using a song on  So sad ...]

1/27/2012 ... Very strange.  I have been thinking about opera these last few days and one night --when I did perchance to actually sleep and dream-- I even dreamt about attending an actual opera.  Well the next day the opera fund raising committee just happens to call.  How strange is that? Is this the next form of mass advertising:  psychic messaging? ; )


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Isa, Sounds like my kind of day.I love the pre-raphaelite( owner of many prints) and added to the soft music just the right touch.
You are so right about the happenings in this world. Too grewsome for TV as they showed but pray for the people of Libya to have as you said.Thanks for the post.Much Love, Lisa A.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

I firmly believe in the power of prayer, Lisa and moreover in the power of a collective consciousness united for a greater purpose. Thank you again for your thoughtful and insightful comment.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Hey Lisa, I got to thinking about it and I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be kind enough to create an album with some of your treasured and favorite prints. I would truly love to see : )