Friday, October 28, 2011

Puppy Dog Tails, Frogs & Snails ...

Puppy Dog Tails, Frogs & Snails ... That's what little boys are made of ? So we're told.  And what about little girls: what are little girls made of? Sugar, spice and everything nice?  Hmmmm .... I wonder?  Which always gets me into trouble.  Maybe that's just what we let you think? ; )

Well to each his or her own.  Here's my take on what little girls are made of ... This is a late night, free-form, headache mixed with reminiscent meanderings about playing dress-up as a kid write.  You see, I had quite the active imagination as a child.  I still do! ... Just ask my kids. Anyhow, this is just for FUN. It may need some revising after sleep? I'm working on a formal, structured write for All Hallow's Eve, but things have just been so crazy here lately. It seems unlikely that I will finish my ghoulish write by Halloween?  But, in the meantime, you can enjoy playing dress-up with me. Off we go! Do hope you'll be able to keep up ....

"Dress Up"

Escape into a world of buttons, ribbons, chiffons, lace and bows.
Slip into characters heralded imagination of unlimited mind sows.
Enter a whole new world of possibilities, hope embracing dreams ...
To be master of a world where nothing is quite exactly as it seems.

Here sky is no longer a limit, as imagination unfurls infinite domains.
In imagination's world nothing need remain the same, boring or germane.
Daring to put imagination to the test, boundaries lie at visioneer's behest.
Select your attire & adventure begins! Compass to set: N, S, E orWest?

Leather chaps, old pair of riding boots & a tattered, well-worn cowboy hat.
With a red bandana tied round the neck and a tin-foil star that's where it's at.
Grabbing a broom for horse, sets the course for adventure in Wild, Wild West.
Lassoing steer of a bed post with pink jump-rope proves a challenging quest.

Throw off ratty old cowboy hat and dawn a pirate's filthy garb instead.
A patch over eye, a dagger in boot, red bandana now tied about the head.
Sleeping bed becomes a pirate ship, with bedsheets billowing wind-filled sail.
Dreaded captain's holding at the helm, in search of treasures to prevail.

Compass made of a batteried alarm clock steers safely through ocean's dread.
Follow map, till "X" marks the spot lying in a cave upon ocean's swirling bed.
Powder monkeys have loaded the ship, careful not to leave a single scrap behind.
Sun sets on treasured bliss: envisioning ways to spend the loot'll blow yer mind!

Alas, a more gentile adventure's calling with a visit to Antebellum South parade.
Seems with pirate loot a right young, ruffled-top, bow-embellished Bell can be made.
Floral bonnet gracefully tops head, while ringed-hoop skirt makes it right hard to move.
Beaus with Belles, waltz wall-to-wall till clock's stroke of midnight signals a new groove.

Into the night, shed satin slippers to zip some leather zippers becomes a clever spy.
Seems sheik of Tanzanir has 'misplaced' his city's most sacred treasured Golden Eye.
Pink jumprope easily scales foreboding walled fortress of Tanzanir's evil rival sheik.
For deep within this enemy's palace lies the treasured object of secret mission's seek.

Metal baton weilded becomes a deadly blade, aids in battle towards palace's heart.
Left-right slashing, blades of guards clashing, leads path to hidden treasured part.
Mission accomplished, places Golden Eye into Tanzanir Sheik's most grateful hand.
Alas, super-spy needs no thanks, as silently she's vanished like passing desert sand.

Next to unwind with celebration out upon the town, dancing till all hours of night.
Pretty Modern Princess emerges wearing beaded gown of flowing chiffon-white.
But best you beware:  Modern Princess needs no saving or silly bejeweled tiara.
In fact, this princess is a downright handful, with most vivid untamed imagination. 
To have any chance of keeping up, might I suggest: buckle up and hold on tight!

@Copyrighted Poem, 2011. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

I just realized that today marks the birthday of another feisty lady:  Lady Liberty.  It would seem that today is apparently the 125th birthday of the United State's Statue of Liberty.  Lady Liberty, our symbol of hope and vision, lovingly cradling her fire of freedom to light the American dream in all the hearts of those who pass her way.  Happy Birthday, Lady Liberty!!

Apparently web-cameras with amazing views of the Statue of Liberty have been enabled to allow never before seen view of and from the statue.  I'll see if I can find the link and post it here for  you.  Okay, found it!  Here's the link to the Statue of Liberty live streaming web cams.  Enjoy!

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