Friday, October 14, 2011

"Can a Man Learn How to Be Romantic?"

So someone asks ...

Hmmmm ... Not sure I want to be the one to answer this one.   So I will defer to the "experts" on this particular question.  You see, it just so happens I received a link to this slide show in my inbox yesterday:  "19 Secrets Women Wished You Knew."  Even though the intro says for "men only", I read through it and this set of tips actually has some really great and insightful advice.  So if you happen to be a guy who feels lost in your dealings with women maybe this slide show will give you some much needed direction?

"19 Secrets Women Wished You Knew." (source WebMD).

Keep hope and take heart in the fact that half of the time we women don't honestly even know what it is that we want ; )  And let me close with this thought:  Flowers are NOT superfluous! There is nothing quite like a sweet smelling bouquet of beautiful flowers to melt your lady's heart.  You don't even have to spend a small fortune.  For example, some of the grocery store bouquets are not half bad if you take your time in looking through them.  I happen to love wild flowers as well ... knowing that someone took the time to walk through a field and pick flowers just for me is one of the best gifts of all : )  Don't be afraid to ask for help in selecting your bouquet if you have any doubts.  Add a bottle of nice wine and you're well on your way to a romantic evening already.  ♥

P.S.  Click on the "Image Source" for the above photo to be taken to another blog where you'll find a rather engaging read on creating the perfect "evening for two."  [ Please excuse my many typos and unusual word choices??? ... I have been sick these last few days with fever and as a result my words are all mixed up and I'm not thinking too clearly.  A fever for me is like having a few glasses of wine.  Think I've fixed most of the typos now and the link under the photo is working once again. Just trying to be of some help as a new weekend unfolds and help out a friend.  Peace & LOVE : )]

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