Friday, September 30, 2011

Texas A&M Defects to SEC for 2012 Football Season?

Why talk politics when you can talk football? Well, college football anyway ... Just heard that the "Big 12", which only has 10 teams this year (but they are not the "Big 10" ... that is another conference, which happens to have 12 teams this year? talk about confusing!) will lose yet another team at the end of the season. You see, it seems that Texas A&M is defecting to the SEC at the end of this football season, and the SEC voted to let them in?

I'm sorry, being a U of Texas graduate and having worked with a rather arrogant individual from Texas A&M: I AM NOT a Texas A&M fan!! Quite frankly, I think the SEC is going chew Texas A&M to pieces. And while I will be all too happy to see this chewing on Texas A&M, I feel for the "Big 12" conference and U of Texas in particular. I mean, the UT and A&M rivalry is a fundamental part of the university cultural fabric in Texas. Now after decades of mostly good-natured and spirited rivalry ... this university rivalry will just be gone? Something is just not right about that!?! Granted UT and U of Oklahoma still have their rivalry, but somehow that's just not the same. Know what I mean?

I have sneaky suspicion that Texas A&M is going to come crawling back to the "Big 12" with their tail between their legs ... that's my prediction anyhow, psychic that I am  (I could be wrong ;)   And of course, I shall immensely enjoy seeing Ken's team (my adopted team), the U of Florida "Gators", "whoop up on" Texas A&M. I may just have to throw a BIG party for that game.

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