Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Poem Written By MY Youngest ...

A poem written by my youngest.  Erynn is just 10 years of age, biologically speaking.  Spiritually speaking she is an old soul.  I learn so much from her on a daily basis.  She is very wise, yet generally abundantly joyful.  Sometimes, I have to wonder where her insights come from?  I think we are going to enter this one into a poetry competition for a national magazine for her.

"I Sit ..."

I sit on the day where my solomn parents once played.
I sit where nothing made sense.
Knowing I am no match for what I have to face.
The days keep coming by.
I sit where my life was broken.

@2011 Erynn J. Smith.  All Rights Reserved.

Please take a moment to visit the photographer's site for the above photo. Dorothea Lange is so very talented. Her work is stunning and thought provoking.

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