Friday, September 02, 2011

Do you dream in Black & White?

Well, my last post left me feeling rather vulnerable.  I haven't been that honest ... here or with myself ... in a very long time.  Any bets as to how long I leave the last post up before I hide it? ; )

So anyhow, this is me putting up some cover.  And truly, I am wondering:  Do you dream in Black & White?  My dreams often resemble and old movie ... the sepia film.  Sometimes they are black & white, but with elements within the dream that are various colors ... usually a primary color like red, yellow or blue and ocassionally I'll get an odd color like green, purple or orange.  How about you?  I'd really like to know.

In keeping with dreams, a Facebook friend of mine has inpired me to spin my alias character off into a fictional short story.  I've started the intro and the idea seems rather intriguing.  I might just see where I can take this tale ... (a whole new spin on zombies?) ... that is if the task doesn't take away too much from my other writing endeavors.  It might just be a fun diversion?

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9/2/2011  ... Thought for the day.  Have your kids ever said to you, "Mommy, it hurts when I do this [poke themselves in the eye or something]?" ... And you laugh, lovingly of course, at your kid and smile. Then you say, "Well, then don't do that silly!"   Your child then smiles up at you as if you've just bestowed some great wisdom upon them.  Well, I wonder why we, as adults, forget so easily our own advice ... "If it hurts (stupid) then don't do that!!?!!"

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