Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Need to Share?

The need to share ... that is the subject of my ponderings for the day. Logging into to Facebook for my daily lunchtime foray, it clicks in my mind today for some peculiar reason that Facebook is about sharing. Sharing thoughts ... ideas, hopes & dreams, pains & heartaches, personal triumphs, challenges, and more often than not sharing a SMILE and happy times. Sometimes it's about shared passions, photographs, art and words woven into art. But fundamentally Facebook is about sharing ... And so I begin to wonder: What compels people to want to share ... to open up ... to be exposed, vulnerable? Is it perhaps easier for people to "share" because they are 'hidden' away behind a keyboard and isolated screen? Are people more open and revealing on Facebook than they would otherwise be in their real, daily lives? Is Facebook helping people to truly "connect" or does it, in truth, disconnect them from the real world? Well, I suppose the answer depends on the given individual and how they "use" Facebook ... that is if you happen to subscribe to the notion that people "use" Facebook and not the other way around. Remember: two sides there are to every truth ...

Arthur Hacker, A Quiet Cove Girl Canoeing

Following the logical progression of exploring the "need to share", I reflect upon my own need to share ... I wonder, do I have a compelling need to share? Should I take a long hard look in the mirror or simply choose to walk right on through to the other side of my 'Looking Glass'? Well, walking through the glass would just be avoiding the issue so I'll not go there today. I'll stay on course and navigate further into the deep murky waters. Taking a first pass at this pondering of my own personal need to share, I would have to say that I have perhaps the opposite of a need to share ... I have a need to hide. I am a very private person. Life's lessons have taught me to be wary, distrustful, and observant. I seldom feel the urge to post a photograph or poem, sketch or snap of my latest jewelry creation. In fact, rather the opposite seems to be my case. I have to force myself to share. I much prefer to ponder, to question, to explore, to try to understand this journey that I am on ... the reason for my existence in this here and now. I find little satisfaction in sharing beyond the fact that it seems to keep the friends on my list from dropping like flies. Sharing makes me feel vulnerable and vulnerable scares the hell out the me.  Luckily, I've found a work-around ... I use an alias.  Kind of like here ... I'm me, but who I am is not written in black & white.  Still, I truly do enjoy experiencing the sharing of others. I admire others for their ability to be open and give so freely. So perhaps in that respect Facebook is good for me. Perhaps, Facebook is teaching me "how to share"? ... How to open up, how to be seen without feeling the need to quickly run away and hide? Maybe some of life's painful lessons can be unlearned?

So what about you?  Where do stand on the need to share?  Are you an open book?  Are you guarded and cautious ... Are you above sharing?  Are your interests in sharing self-serving?  Are you attention seeking?  Do you receive as well as you share?  Some food for thought, maybe?

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