Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hasta la vista Facebook ...

Sigh ... Facebook is giving me grief now?!  Connecting on Facebook is just getting to be toooooooooooo much.  They are implementing all sorts of changes these past few days. Don't get me wrong ... change can be good in small doses, but they are changing too much at one time in my opinion.  It's overwhelming, disconcerting and confusing!! 

The  final straw for me is the Friends "Sneak Peak" Preview Window.  In this window you can view ticks of all of your friends current whereabouts, posts, comments, likes, etc. ... all in real-time.  You can see where every body is, what they are saying and doing:  voyerism made easy.  Think one friend hit the nail right on the head when she said this is "stalker enabling."  You know me low-key, mysterious, private ... lurk in the shadows.  Yeah, this is not going to fly for me.  These changes are just too much for me to deal with right now.  I need less stress ... NOT more?!  I think it is time to deactivate my account and let Facebook flesh it out with the people.  I'm going to take few weeks off ... a "sabbatical" of sorts.  Maybe I'll reactivate when the Facebook renovation dust settles???

I will miss my writing, photography and other ART friends, but it is what it is ... Hopefully, these friends will still be there if and when I reactivate my account.  So for now:  Hasta la vista my dear Facebook!

[9/24 Side NOTE (Early, early a.m.)  ... My daughter has a FB account.  Her account has not undergone the changes that my alias account has?  Nor has my small, family only account.  My artist/alias account must be part of a select set of test subjects to preview and out the featured changes?  I did switch to "English U.K." for FB and that worked to temporarily reset my account to the old FB format for a few hours ... then the new changes were once again reinstated.  I even tried "English (Pirate)."  That was a laugh! I did not know they even had such an option until pressed to look.   I do miss the interaction with friends and fellow artists on Facebook, but the downtime is doing my stress levels (and health) a world of good thus far.]

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