Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Is your "Smart" cell phone putting you and your kids at risk?

Your cell phone (Smart Phone, with GPS technology) may be putting you and your kids at risk.  Watch this video and then go into your cell phone and disable the "geo-tagging" feature.  This is the feature that is responsible for tagging photos with location specifics.  The "geo-tagging" feature is specific to photo images only and will not disable other important features/uses for your GPS chip set.

Here is the most comprehensive information that I've found thus far for disabling the "geo-tagging" feature on various types of cell phones:   http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/11712/how-to-disable-geotagging-on-your-smartphones-camera-android-iphone-blackberry/

If this doesn't work for you, just do a search on "disable geotagging" and  your phone is sure to come up.

Be safe and pass this info on to your friends and family. 

Peace ...


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